Commander in Chief

Movies 1

In Commander in Chief Geena Davis stars as President Mackenzie Allen, a Republican Vice President who succeeds after the death of President Teddy Bridges. While this show’s ratings fell substantially after a strong start, its premise makes it an interesting piece of television history. One study showed that people who watched the show became more […]

The Good Wife

Movies 2

The Good Wife, a long-running series, was inspired by stories of wives standing by their disgraced husbands. Set in a defense law firm, the series features strong women past midlife shown in their professional and personal capacities, as lawyers, lovers, and mothers. Julianna Margulies in the title role and Christine Baranski as one of the […]

Golden Girls

Movies 3

This show and the later Hot in Cleveland are two good excuses to watch Betty White do her sexy-old-lady thing. The rest of the Golden Girls cast is great too, especially the inimitable Bea Arthur. There are many reasons this show ran for seven seasons, including its thoughtful treatment of aging and friendship. Regarding Hot […]

Grace and Frankie

Movies 4

Grace and Frankie Grace and Frankie  is the show to see, complete with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as reluctant housemates forced together after their law partner husbands reveal their long-time affair with each other. Fonda’s Grace is a slightly conservative sexpot while Tomlin’s Frankie is a full-blown aging hippy. Their banter and the growth that […]

Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 60

Movies 5

The book version was published in 2009 and still gets great reviews. By all accounts, this is a joyful film about the sexy lives of women past sixty. I am trying to figure out how to rent this film, without paying hundreds of dollars to buy a copy. It certainly sounds intriguing.

Mamma Mia

Movies 6

The luminous Meryl Streep is this film’s true center, as her three on-screen loves can attest. Streep plays Donna, a single mom who owns an inn on a Greek isle. Her daughter is lovely, but Meryl steals the show from start to finish. The Abba music works, and Meryl’s two women pals (played by Julie […]

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