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Below are some of Stella’s favorites, including story collections, novels, and a memoir or two that read like novels, there’s poetry as well. 

If you are a ripe woman who writes erotica, or if you would like to try it, these books are wonderful sources for prompts. Open a favorite volume, copy a sentence to start you off, and keep writing your own thoughts for ten or twenty minutes. 

There are more publications in recent years than in prior times, as erotic writing by older women becomes more prevalent. As a reader and as a creator, you are playing a part in this developing process.   Keep it up!

 Here you will find books about:

  • Erotica After Midlife: Stories about the erotic lives of other women our age connect us with our own joy and power. This sub-genre of erotica by Women of a Certain Age — what Stella calls Elderotica — is out there, waiting to be embraced. 
  • Books about Women’s Sexuality After Midlife: Ripe women who want to learn about sexuality after midlife have a number of books to choose from, including several by the “senior sexpert,” Joan Price.  These books give us knowledge and encouragement to continue enjoying and exploring.
  • Photography Books that Celebrate the Beauty of Ripe Women: We are blessed with photographers who see and share the beauty of older women.  These volumes range from a celebration of cougar love, to a woman photographer whose eyes were opened as she approached the magical age of sixty.  Pictures of our beauty can inspire our writing and our creativity.

May you enjoy them all!

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Stella Fosse

Scary Old Sex

Heyman is a New York psychiatrist who published this collection of her stories when she was 74. Not surprisingly given her profession, Heyman is a

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Stella Fosse


I have been a fan of Sharon Olds‘ poetry ever since she spoke out about incest in her collection, The Dead and the Living (1983).

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Stella Fosse

Visible: 60 Women at 60

As she neared her sixtieth birthday, photographer Jenny O’Connor began to meet with other New Zealand women to discuss photographing them.  Jenny wanted to photograph

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