Something’s Gotta Give

Diane Keaton is perfect as Erica Barry, a successful, creative older woman at peace with herself. Her sister Zoe, played by Frances McDormand, gets all the lines about how unfair it is that a single older man like Harry Sanborn (played by Jack Nicholson) is a “catch,” whereas society sees Erica as a “spinster.” Harry visits Diane’s home to court Erica’s daughter Marin (Amanda Peet), but ends up competing with a starstruck physician (Keanu Reeves) for Erica’s attention. This film has some lovely things to say about late life relationships, although it’s tough to see why Erica would choose Harry over the thoughtful and caring doctor. Is being the same generation really enough? Watch this movie for Diane Keaton’s performance, which is right on the money. Her Erica Barry is a contemplative neurotic and a disciplined creative — just the kind of character our complex lives have prepared us to play.

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