Better Late: A Neurodiverse Love Story

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Better Late: A Neurodiverse Love Story  “I deserve so much better,” I whisper into my husband’s ear as we embrace in the kitchen. Alex’s barrel chest and round belly press against me.  “Yesterday you left me waiting for you at the restaurant,” I remind him. “That’s not okay. You can’t do that.” I’d waited for […]

Get Out Your TugBoat

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Get Out Your TugBoat In 1971, Erica Jong interviewed the legendary Anais Nin, who was then in her sixties. Jong asked Nin why she allowed her publisher to cut the sex out of her diaries. “Women who write about sex are never taken seriously as writers,” said Nin. “That’s exactly why we must do it,” […]

The Romance Revolution

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The Romance Revolution Is the romance novel a tool of the patriarchy? Or exactly the opposite? That depends…   Origins of the Romance Novel In the early twentieth century, novels for women provided messages of purity and refinement. Publishers were reluctant to run afoul of purity associations run by prominent men of the time. But then came […]

7 Things I Learned from Dating and Writing

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7 Things I Learned from Dating and Writing Carolyn Lee Arnold’s new book, Fifty Dates After Fifty, has been called a “frolicking, racy memoir.” As a fifty-something woman, Carolyn learned that you must kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince—so the key is to enjoy the frogs along the way. And it turns […]

That Great Retirement Not So Fast

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That Great Retirement Not So Fast At the start of the Industrial Revolution, early labor theorists saw the transition from small business owner to employee as a kind of limited servitude.  When I read about that years ago it made a big impression, because it was clear that even as a professional, I gave up much […]

The Active Grandmother Theory

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The Active Grandmother Theory We women, unique among female primates, live long past our childbearing years. There are good reasons why. I’ve written before about the Grandmother Hypothesis, the brainchild of Kristin Hawkes, a professor of anthropology at the University of Utah. Hawkes and her colleagues published the seminal article on grandmother theory in 1998.  […]