Stress and Sex in the Time of Pandemic

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Scaring Our Pants Off – Stress and Sex in the Time of Pandemic This is not the blog I planned for today.  I was planning to publish an interview with Melanie Davis, the author of an excellent new sexual education program for older adults. I look forward to running Melanie’s interview when the time is […]

The Spectrum of Sex

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The Spectrum of Sex By one of those odd life quirks that happen now and then Professor Nieto was (in real life) one of my key influencers, teachers, mentors and guides during my studies for my MS in Cell and Molecular Biology a mere thirty years ago.  I’m delighted our paths have crossed again!  My […]

Sexuality Down the Decades

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Sexuality Down the Decades The 1940s: Good Little Girls Don’t . . . One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor in a doorway; I am three or four. It must have been a typically hot and humid Florida day, and it was before air conditioning. I am wearing only panties. My hand […]

Meet Crunchytales Founder Michela Di Carlo

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Meet Crunchytales founder Michela Di Carlo Crunchytales is an online magazine designed to inspire women over forty to lead playful and fascinating lives. Crunchytales’ confident pledge is “We are on a mission to reset the meaning of middle-age.” If you have not yet checked out CrunchyTales, you are in for a treat. Take a look at its vivid […]

Pan Means Pan – Falling In Love with the Universe

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Pan Means Pan – Falling In Love with the Universe I read a biography of a movie star from the 1940s, written by her daughter, who said her mother fell in love, not only with men and women, but also with trees, kittens, boulders and stars. This actress was in love with life, and more […]

A Sex Goddess for Older Women

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The world is made of stories, not atoms. – Muriel Rukeyser Myths are Ideas and stories and images that shape how we see the world. Celebrating and creating myth is one way to see and be seen. A Sex Goddess for Older Women? Last year I asked a friend who is a mythology buff to […]