Stress and Sex in the Time of Pandemic

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Scaring Our Pants Off – Stress and Sex in the Time of Pandemic This is not the blog I planned for today.  I was planning to publish an interview with Melanie Davis, the author of an excellent new sexual education program for older adults. I look forward to running Melanie’s interview when the time is […]

Now You See Her – Now You Don’t.

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Now You See Her – Now You Don’t It was not the threat of cancer that made me stop dyeing my hair.  Sure, I saw those studies, but no, it was nothing that sensible.  I would read articles by women proudly going gray and think, You go for it, ladies — not my thing. I […]

Sexuality Down the Decades

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Sexuality Down the Decades The 1940s: Good Little Girls Don’t . . . One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor in a doorway; I am three or four. It must have been a typically hot and humid Florida day, and it was before air conditioning. I am wearing only panties. My hand […]

Including Ourselves in the Circle of Care

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Including Ourselves in the Circle of Care Three of my children were preschoolers at the same time. If you’ve lived through that phase of life, you probably don’t remember much, because you were too busy coping with each moment to reflect and store away memories. I do recall women whose children were already grown telling […]

Make Revolution Not Porn

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Make Revolution Not Porn I don’t watch porn. Not even the home-grown, fully consensual, amateur porn on Cindy Gallop’s website, MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP). So I might seem an unlikely fan of Ms. Gallop, the almost-60-year-old former advertising executive whose main claim to fame is starting MLNP. And after being at the receiving end of various campaigns […]

Meet Crunchytales Founder Michela Di Carlo

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Meet Crunchytales founder Michela Di Carlo Crunchytales is an online magazine designed to inspire women over forty to lead playful and fascinating lives. Crunchytales’ confident pledge is “We are on a mission to reset the meaning of middle-age.” If you have not yet checked out CrunchyTales, you are in for a treat. Take a look at its vivid […]