Small-Press Publishing in 2024

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Small-Press Publishing in 2024 Flashback to 1988 in San Francisco when I was the publisher of Foghorn Press, a start-up with no capital. We had big dreams—dreams that actually manifested in high sales. Each year, we shipped 40,000 copies of our lead title, the guidebook California Camping, the golden goose of our list. Our other […]

What to Expect When You are Seventy

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What to Expect When You Are Seventy Having been in my seventies for all of six months, I am only marginally qualified to write about this decade. But never having been reticent about sharing an opinion, whether informed or not, here is what I know so far. If you’re a Crone in Training in your […]

Embracing Sensuality in Midlife: A Journey of Liberation and Self-Expression

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Embracing Sensuality in Midlife: A Journey of Liberation and Self-Expression If you would have asked me in my twenties and thirties to show up on social media and modeling campaigns in my bra and knickers, I would have run a mile! I wasn’t comfortable looking at myself in the mirror, never mind letting a total […]

3 Crones to Watch Out For

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Three Crones to Watch Out For The subject of “super-agers” came up in a recent Old School Office Hours (which, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is a weekly Zoom gathering of folks interested in anti-ageism, convened by the esteemed Ashton Applewhite). You know who we mean by “super-ager:” The eighty-year-old who climbs a […]

Drugs after 60 – And Not The Fun Kind

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Drugs after 60 – And Not The Fun Kind I react badly to most medications – sometimes badly enough to warrant a MedWatch report to FDA. A bit ironic, given that I spent my career in biotech writing submissions to FDA for product approvals. But knowing what I do about medical regulation, it did not […]

Schroedinger’s Breast

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Schroedinger’s Breast: Welcome to Mammogram-O-Rama When the mammogram center called the week after my scan, I knew it was not good news. Those folks don’t ring you up to say hi. “Your scan shows calcifications,” the woman said. “We need you to come in to see if we can resolve your case. We’d like you to […]

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