Towards A Diet-Free Revolution

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Towards A Diet-Free Revolution Dr. Alexis Conason began her career as a clinical psychologist with a goal to help people lose weight. When she was introduced to the concept of Health at Every Size, she experienced a paradigm shift which she shares in her new book, The Diet-Free Revolution. This book encourages us to take […]

Everyday Life Is A Revolutionary Act

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A woman in a longstanding lesbian marriage once told me, “I love it that my everyday life is a revolutionary act.”  I remembered that while reading the new novel, Fishwives, whose main characters go about their daily lives exemplifying for their friends and neighbors the lasting and perfectly imperfect love of two women. In the […]

The Challenge of Male Violence

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The Challenge of Male Violence March 8 was International Women’s Day. As they say on their website, the theme this year is #ChooseToChallenge. Spoken word poet Anisa Mandaula celebrated our power to change the future in a video for the day, saying, “Choose to create history, not to be created by it.” Her poem calls on us […]

Estradiol the Scam What Am

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Estradiol the Scam What Am. Long before I heard of estradiol, back when I was earning my MBA in the 1970s, we talked about barriers to entry, and how companies (or even countries) can, and do, exploit them to prevent competition .  A barrier to entry is anything that makes it hard for someone else […]

GSM – Now That Trips off the Tongue

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GSM – Now That Trips off the Tongue When I was in my late fifties, I went to the gynecologist convinced I had a yeast infection.  The burning sensation in my vulva was not responding to over-the-counter treatments.  That was because I did not have an infection.  Instead, I had the beginnings of what was […]

What Feminism Missed

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What Feminism Missed Economics tells us the obvious: that when supply goes up, price goes down.  And price does not only mean the cost of diamonds or real estate; it also means wages. In the early 1960s my mother returned to nursing after a break while we children were small.  She was the first mom […]