News Flash – Diamonds Upstaged by Sex Toys

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Diamonds Upstaged by Sex Toys   They say that a dog is a man’s best friend.  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But a woman’s best friends are her sex toys.   Don’t you wish you owned a sex toy company?  As the pandemic continues, sales are way up both for conventional sex […]

Dare to Enjoy

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Dare to Enjoy It is easy for me to notice when I am wronged as a woman, as an older person; it is much harder to notice my privilege.  And when I do glimpse my privilege it can be difficult to remain in joy. I am looking out the window of my study in the […]

Make Revolution Not Porn

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Make Revolution Not Porn I don’t watch porn. Not even the home-grown, fully consensual, amateur porn on Cindy Gallop’s website, MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP). So I might seem an unlikely fan of Ms. Gallop, the almost-60-year-old former advertising executive whose main claim to fame is starting MLNP. And after being at the receiving end of various campaigns […]

Meet Crunchytales Founder Michela Di Carlo

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Meet Crunchytales founder Michela Di Carlo Crunchytales is an online magazine designed to inspire women over forty to lead playful and fascinating lives. Crunchytales’ confident pledge is “We are on a mission to reset the meaning of middle-age.” If you have not yet checked out CrunchyTales, you are in for a treat. Take a look at its vivid […]

Starting an Erotic Writing Group

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Starting an Erotic Writing Group I wish that for other groups, they discover within themselves and each other a wild mystery, an untamed imagination.   Billie Berlin Imagine meeting each month with a circle of older women as co-creators, joining together to celebrate our power and creativity. What could be more fun, and more liberating, […]

You Should Be in Movies.

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You Should Be in Movies. Better Yet, Write Them. Every story an older woman writes changes her and changes the culture. And because of the huge reach that movies have, when we write movie scripts, we can make even more change happen. The Writer’s Lab is an annual retreat established by Meryl Streep and supported […]