If Thy Uterus Offend Thee

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If Thy Uterus Offend Thee… According to author Deborah Copaken, Nora Ephron had three rules for middle aged happiness: “Gather friends and feed them, laugh in the face of calamity, and cut out all the things––people, jobs, body parts––that no longer serve you.” And by body parts, Ephron meant one in particular: “The only thing […]

Invisibility As A Superpower

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Invisibility As A Superpower Deanna Raybourn’s new novel, Killers of a Certain Age, is everything a crone could hope for in a tale about a trio of sixty-something women assassins. As Raybourn says in our interview below, “I was supposed to be writing women doing unexpected, cool, badass things and working as assassins was the […]

Women of a Certain Superpower

Women of a Certain Superpower

Women of a Certain Superpower My journey as a writer started fifteen years ago and it feels like I’ve taken a long walk on a rough road, wearing the wrong kind of shoes. In print media, I have written a deeply flawed first novel, and a self-published novella. A producer friend of mine read the […]

Inspiring the Boomers Podcast

Inspiring the Boomers Podcast

Inspiring the Boomers Podcast It was March 19, 2020, and I was driving home after spending the spring break vacation with my son and his family in Panama City Beach. It was a strange vacation. We were all aware of the rapid spread of the Corona virus, yet there was so little information. My son […]

Get Out Your TugBoat

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Get Out Your TugBoat In 1971, Erica Jong interviewed the legendary Anais Nin, who was then in her sixties. Jong asked Nin why she allowed her publisher to cut the sex out of her diaries. “Women who write about sex are never taken seriously as writers,” said Nin. “That’s exactly why we must do it,” […]

The Romance Revolution

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The Romance Revolution Is the romance novel a tool of the patriarchy? Or exactly the opposite? That depends…   Origins of the Romance Novel In the early twentieth century, novels for women provided messages of purity and refinement. Publishers were reluctant to run afoul of purity associations run by prominent men of the time. But then came […]