Our Flower Blooms Power!

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Our Flower Blooms Power! Do you use a vibrator? Is it connected to an app on your phone? Does the app have controls that personalize the experience and make your pleasure feel like a game? Or maybe you went to one of those websites that let you design a digital lover, your dream companion, someone […]

DNA and Democracy

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DNA and Democracy I have just published my new book: DINA: Nature’s Case For Democracy. In it, I describe how democracy preceded humans by about two billion years. Of course, we don’t call it democracy in nature. We call the beings that practice democracy by their common names like bees and tigers and trees and […]

Small-Press Publishing in 2024

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Small-Press Publishing in 2024 Flashback to 1988 in San Francisco when I was the publisher of Foghorn Press, a start-up with no capital. We had big dreams—dreams that actually manifested in high sales. Each year, we shipped 40,000 copies of our lead title, the guidebook California Camping, the golden goose of our list. Our other […]

What to Expect When You are Seventy

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What to Expect When You Are Seventy Having been in my seventies for all of six months, I am only marginally qualified to write about this decade. But never having been reticent about sharing an opinion, whether informed or not, here is what I know so far. If you’re a Crone in Training in your […]

4 Things For My Next Life Bucket List

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A Next Life Bucket List “I have a next life bucket list: More sex, better singing voice, the ability to tan.” –Billie Berlin, interviewed in Aphrodite’s Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica after Midlife I don’t believe in reincarnation. I don’t believe in much, actually, except an objective external universe and that our task on […]

Collaborative Women – The Path is Easier with a Friend

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Collaborative Women – The Path is Easier with a Friend Joan:  You and I met a quarter of a century ago, working for a public relations company called CIIC in Nyack, north of New York City. We were freelancers working remotely before that was a thing, so we must have met at a company social […]

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