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Stella has always wanted to be a writer.  

Always. She just dreamed of spending her days writing and writing. And now she does!

She started as a voracious reader; a family story – oft repeated – is that as a child when friends would call for her to come and play, Stella’s response was to close the door saying “Go away, I’m reading a book.”  Her social skills have developed since then, but her devotion to reading remains.

Her desire to write took her to Pomona College for an undergraduate degree in, of course, English with a concentration on writing. That was followed by a Master’s degree at Columbia, this time in Business Administration.  It was clear that life was to intervene, as it does for most of us, and marriage and a family put a hold on writing in any serious way. As the children grew up Stella went back to school, first to study for a Masters in cell and macrobiology and then as a teacher of English & Biology in high schools.

Back in a corporate career, Stella worked with various biotech companies where she was again writing, but this time technical proposals to support government approval of medical and bio products.

Now she spends her retirement in advocacy for mature women (see her Manifesto) and writing full-time.

Brilliant Charming Bastard

Brilliant Charming Bastard is Stella’s new novel about the power and sensuality of wise older women.  

First Wives Club meets The Witches of Eastwick in Brilliant Charming Bastard. When three women scientists discover they are dating the same lying dilettante, who is stealing their ideas as well as their hearts, the best revenge is getting rich. 

Brilliant Charming Bastard is hip romance for Boomers.  Join author Stella Fosse on this sexy escapade through the San Francisco biotech scene.

The Erotic Pandemic Ball: Tales of Love in Lockdown

Stella Fosse enchants us in her first outing since the highly successful Aphrodite’s Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife, a book that guides women in the arts and craft of writing erotica. Stella honed her erotic writing skills at the Dirty Old Women collective in California. Join Stella Fosse on an imaginative exploration of erotic life under quarantine, in this three volume set of her Love in Lockdown stories.

Love in Lockdown: The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Mask On.

Hot and pertinent stories for our times.
– Dorothy Freed, Author of Perfect Strangers

Boldly imagines lockdown desire… Stella Fosse teases and inspires with stories of inventive eros.
– Lynx Canon, Editor of the Dirty Old Women Anthology.

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The first book of its kind for middle-aged and older women wanting to empower their sexual lives through the craft of writing erotica

The erotic imagination is a doorway to personal empowerment, experienced no more viscerally and vibrantly than through the written word. Aphrodite’s Pen is a celebration of women’s sexuality after midlife. It is the first book of its kind created for older women who are ready to embark on an intimate journey of personal discovery, healing, connection, and growth through the art of writing erotica. Author Stella Fosse, founder of the Elderotica Writers group, has created a guide for writers and non-writers alike. This book covers all genres of writing, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, and more. Fosse offers step-by-step instructions for character design, plot development, and accessing the erotic imagination. She shares her expert advice on creating a writing circle within one’s community and gives useful tips for getting published or reading one’s work in public. Aphrodite’s Pen is an open invitation to women of all sexual orientations who are ready to take the next step and tap into the transformative power of their passions. 

The activities in this book are designed for women who are new to writing, and also for experienced writers who are new to erotica. All of us get to celebrate our sexuality, whether we live in a suburb with a husband we have loved for fifty years, or live on the coast joyfully solo and fall in love with the sea. Whoever you are, whether menopause was yesterday or is a distant memory, feel free to play and explore. 

It’s all there for you.

Dirty Old Women Anthology, edited by Lynx Canon, includes Stella's story, "Terraforming." 


Dirty Older Women: Wise enough to tell the truth about sex – what they want, what they’ve done, what makes them hot. Each month at Oakland’s Octopus Literary Salon, self-identified older women read stories and poems that thrill and sizzle: a nun is tormented by sacrilegious fantasies; a married woman wreaks sexual revenge on a fantasy lover; two women struggle to reconnect as they pack up a dead woman’s things. This anthology features steamy, never-before-published erotica from established authors and newcomers guaranteed to incite your lust and satisfy your desires. 

Book Cover Cowboy on horse looking into space. Book title "Terraforming"
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