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Iris Apfel hangs out on Facebook

Iris, who was born in 1921, ran a textile firm for decades with her husband Carl. She worked with nine presidents on White House restorations, and her exuberant fashion was featured in a show at the Metropolitan Museum in 2005. In her nineties, Iris made commercials for a French car manufacturer and the Australian brand Blue Illusion. She published her book, *Accidental Icon, Musings of a Geriatric Starlet,* in 2018. It is worth keeping up with the self-proclaimed “world’s oldest teenager.”

We are Ageist

Here’s the marketing speak: “As a generation, the over-50s are a critically important demographic. They are a huge and wealthy generation, controlling $15 trillion in assets and income. Their political, social and economic standing makes them the most powerful generation to have ever lived. Despite this, brands and media have all but written them off, treating them as out-to-pastures, winding down the clock on an eternal last weekend: playing golf, taking cruises, and struggling with Viagra packaging. But that was their parents. From where we sit, something very different is happening. All aspects of how later life is being lived are changing and AGEIST has positioned itself to better understand these changes, to help our partners and clients get ahead of the curve.”

Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me claims to be “THE LARGEST GLOBAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE FOR DYNAMIC OLDER WOMEN” And it claims it in capital letters, so it must be true 🙂

Senior Planet – Aging with Attitude

Online since 2006 and relaunched in fall 2012, celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude, and helps people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active by bringing a digital-technology focus to a range of topics – among them news, health, sex and dating, art and design, senior style, travel and entertainment.

Wow: A Blog for Older Women, 60 plus

Pat Taub says “Women’s Older Wisdom (WOW) was born out of frustration locating online resources to help manage life as an older woman. Time and again when I googled “older women,” I discovered barely a reference to women in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It was as if they didn’t exist. When older women do blog it’s typically on  the theme of “age is only a number, or you’re only as old as you feel.” I don’t find this philosophy either realistic or helpful. I know I’m getting old because my body is slowing down, my face is accumulating wrinkles, and my memory isn’t as sharp, while dear friends and relatives are dying on me.” I’m with her!

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