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Workshops & The Palace of Wisdom

Stella’s workshops use materials that, over the years, have evolved to become the “Palace of Wisdom”.  The Palace of Wisdom materials will be made freely available for download – sign up below to keep up to date on progress. 

So what is the Palace of Wisdom?  Imagine the experience of a residential erotic spa run by and for women over fifty. Close your eyes and imagine:

•What do you wish would happen there?
•Whom would you like to meet, and what would you like to do?
•What stories would you tell afterwards?  

The Palace of Wisdom one-day workshop is a chance to embody such stories, bringing this imaginary place to life in your writing, in the company of other women writers, with playful prompts, thoughtful support and encouraging feedback.

This workshop is an outgrowth of Elderotica, a group of women writers over fifty who meet monthly to write erotica and share our writing.  We found that other women wanted to be a part of the Elderotica writing group, but that conflicted with the need to keep the group small enough to be able to meet in members’ homes.  Enter the Palace of Wisdom Workshop, brought to you in a one-day workshop setting.

For the Palace of Wisdom workshop, we invite women writers – of all levels – to join us and celebrate writing about sensuality and sexuality in a fun and safe space.

Workshops are run in the Triangle area of North Carolina, and in the San Francisco Bay area regularly.  Sign up below to be kept up to date on schedules and plans.

Have a group of friends who would like to be part of a Palace of Wisdom workshop?  Stella also does private ‘on-demand’ workshops in your location.  You’ll need a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 women to make that work.

Some alumna participate in Dirty Old Women (a reading series in the East Bay, CA), and some have published stories in the first Dirty Old Women anthology.

Let’s keep in touch and keep you updated on the Palace materials as they are published! We never, EVER share, swap, trade or do anything with your personal information that we wouldn’t want done with our own.  Truly!

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