Virtual Stella Interviews & Book Tour

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Can We Hangout Together?

Stella does virtual interactions including virtual book tours [via her publisher, North Atlantic Books], regular hangouts on Facebook (join Stella – link top right of this page) and interviews. Stella’s team can produce specific video clips when required, contact us for details.



Well, we’re not going anywhere for now 🙁


We’ll update this section when it’s safe to mingle again.

Book Clubs

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Stella loves bookclubs!

Stella offers readings via teleconference or, preferably, video sharing. 

Contact webmaster[at]stellafosse[dot]com to reserve your time slot.

Keep Up With Stella's Readings.

Let’s keep in touch and keep you updated on where Stella is reading, and her scheduled hangouts!
We never, EVER share, swap, trade or do anything with your personal information that we wouldn’t want done with our own.  Truly!