Women, Age, and Money

Women, Age, and Money header montage

Women, Age, and Money My grandmother was a young woman during the Great Depression. From that era forward, regardless of her circumstances, she counted every penny. At the grocery store, she inspected each green bean to make sure it was worthy before adding it to her cart. When my grandmother was in her nineties and […]

The Legs are The Last to Go

The Legs are The Last to Go

The Legs are The Last to Go One day last summer I was walking into the grocery store in shorts when a young man ahead of me looked over his shoulder and gave me the once-over. He started at my feet and looked interested, then quizzical, then somewhat abashed as his gaze travelled from conventionally […]

The New Improved Pink Tax

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The New Improved Pink Tax Much has been written about the Pink Tax, which, despite the name, is not an actual tax. It refers to the practice of charging more for products intended for sale to women, where an almost identical product for men costs less. The same manufacturer may charge more for a pink […]